Squid Game floor is lava challange! 😱

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German Spidey
German Spidey 11 сарын өмнө
New Spider-Man in REAL LIFE Parkour (floor is lava) Challange! can i do that? mncamera.info/video/-estVuhBUpl/video
Heena Khan
Heena Khan 2 сарын өмнө
Uuhbbjb 9uh
Fatma Elaraby
Fatma Elaraby 3 сарын өмнө
Imran Bacha
Imran Bacha 3 сарын өмнө
ኡሞ  አዙዝ ام عزوز
ኡሞ አዙዝ ام عزوز 5 сарын өмнө
عبد الصمد
عبد الصمد 5 сарын өмнө
@ام اية بكفخل٦ا💓💓💓
Hello gamer
Hello gamer 6 сарын өмнө
These shorts are so entertaining they always make my day better 🎖️
Nikhilesh S
Nikhilesh S 3 сарын өмнө
This is how your mom expects you to react when she cleans the floor
Komal Patel
Komal Patel 9 сарын өмнө
He just summarised whole Spiderman's carrier in one short
Amartya Iyer
Amartya Iyer 9 сарын өмнө
Did anyone notice that in the start he kept his foot on the lava?
I Know Things
I Know Things 10 сарын өмнө
Very nicely done guys. ⭐️ NGL. 🕶
rock games
rock games 10 сарын өмнө
Muito bom
rock games
rock games 10 сарын өмнө
Ótimo 😊
Kanak Ghosh Dastidar
Kanak Ghosh Dastidar 8 сарын өмнө
The moment he started,he put his foot on lava
Graciela Pizarro Flores
Graciela Pizarro Flores 8 сарын өмнө
me rio jajaja
Sans Жилийн өмнө
Did you see how he did that so easily:>
Jagdeep Sharma
Jagdeep Sharma 11 сарын өмнө
L ex appllppo shrewd tk
marlon nangan
marlon nangan Жилийн өмнө
Ohhh!!! I wish season 2 squid game will have new games new members and more number of players!!
Ikbal Hossain
Ikbal Hossain 10 сарын өмнө
Чел0Bек 8 сарын өмнө
Smurfy115 10 сарын өмнө
He touched the floor right at the start 😄
reena srivastav
reena srivastav 9 сарын өмнө
Tobey still thinking how can I do this 🤔
Shms Atyn
Shms Atyn 9 сарын өмнө
بتيس رت7😚😚😍😍😇🤗💄🛍
Shms Atyn
Shms Atyn 9 сарын өмнө
JJ DaMiniMe
JJ DaMiniMe 11 сарын өмнө
That looks fun
Kani Kamal
Kani Kamal 11 сарын өмнө
john hot
john hot 11 сарын өмнө
I love you man and that the way you do your vids
Carla Di mauro
Carla Di mauro 11 сарын өмнө
Ma sta aperta
Zoila Venegas
Zoila Venegas Жилийн өмнө
The actual Spider-Man will just web shoot to the end
Hello Peter
Hello Peter 8 сарын өмнө
Tobey went to squid games so he can pay his rent
Kathy Reina
Kathy Reina 8 сарын өмнө
Ey w0
Isadora Silva pinheiro Isadora
Isadora Silva pinheiro Isadora 10 сарын өмнө
Eu gostei faz mais Por favor
Αντωνια Τολιου
Αντωνια Τολιου 10 сарын өмнө
spider-mαn challange!😂
Nirmal Singh
Nirmal Singh 9 сарын өмнө
Others :- He have good skills Me :- if floor is lava why is wood still there why it didnt burnt
Asraa Abdameer
Asraa Abdameer 6 сарын өмнө
Randied Жилийн өмнө
Imagine season 2 is confirmed and this is one of the games
Mohammad Idrees
Mohammad Idrees 11 сарын өмнө
That may be harddd
siti asiah
siti asiah Жилийн өмнө
Nailun Risky
Nailun Risky 4 сарын өмнө
《♡•Jessica•♡》 9 сарын өмнө
Imagine if he falls in the middle of the corse
yellow 10 сарын өмнө
BAADSHAH 10 сарын өмнө
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Raesa Khan
Raesa Khan 10 сарын өмнө
Raesa Khan
Raesa Khan 10 сарын өмнө
Google news
Nba4Life 10 сарын өмнө
When he was walking on the wood. Idk why he was walking like that
Lavinia divertida
Lavinia divertida 10 сарын өмнө
Caralho vc é muito bom
Sehri Sert
Sehri Sert 11 сарын өмнө
Hashmatullah Doulatzai
Hashmatullah Doulatzai Жилийн өмнө
The SquidGame floor is lava that is good very good
zaib gaming 1
zaib gaming 1 10 сарын өмнө
Real spider man can do this in seconds.. Bruuhhhhh... He can climb walls. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😜😜😜
Софья Алексеевна
Софья Алексеевна 5 сарын өмнө
Samuelitopogi12 Жилийн өмнө
mr. beast: touch the floor and you win 10k
Sam Racing
Sam Racing Жилийн өмнө
Wow where did they get that costume It’s from the squid game
Vixenvenevizx Жилийн өмнө
You Don't Know What Amazon Or Buying Is.
Help Me Reach 1K🅥
Help Me Reach 1K🅥 10 сарын өмнө
These shorts are so entertaining they always make my day better🎖
Imposter Among Us🔐
Imposter Among Us🔐 11 сарын өмнө
Omg😱😇 parkour Floor is Lava Spiderman😇
johnkenneth terado
johnkenneth terado Жилийн өмнө
Abdul Qayyum Farooq
Abdul Qayyum Farooq Жилийн өмнө
eu Жилийн өмнө
Só eu q pensei no Nathan drake do Uncharted?
Yhen rivero
Yhen rivero Жилийн өмнө
Duy anh V
Duy anh V Жилийн өмнө
anna gailiša
anna gailiša 9 сарын өмнө
Good ending
German Spidey
German Spidey 9 сарын өмнө
Thank you.
raemeisha james
raemeisha james 9 сарын өмнө
daily dose of spider man
Rajesh Kumar
Rajesh Kumar 10 сарын өмнө
It's not a mistake it's a masterpeice
Reshan Ul haq
Reshan Ul haq 10 сарын өмнө
Ahmed Jasir
Ahmed Jasir 9 сарын өмнө
trap nation 2.0
trap nation 2.0 Жилийн өмнө
Costume never changes skill 🔥
free fire lovers Dhruv , harry and sammar
free fire lovers Dhruv , harry and sammar Жилийн өмнө
Jvjhgvggggvvhhhvcch ejknlmvvh
Мария Истомина
Мария Истомина Жилийн өмнө
Когда забыл поставить телефон на зарядку 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
NARUTO SHIPUNDEN 11 сарын өмнө
Rayhan Habib
Rayhan Habib Жилийн өмнө
Jorge Gerónimo
Jorge Gerónimo Жилийн өмнө
What an awesome person and also agile
Micaela Diaz
Micaela Diaz 11 сарын өмнө
Aml Nawaiseh
Aml Nawaiseh Жилийн өмнө
Haina Flor Balowa
Haina Flor Balowa Жилийн өмнө
Wow it's Soo good
adam dalida
adam dalida Жилийн өмнө
ادلع١٢٣٤٥ع٧٨٩١١١١١١١١١١١١١١١١١١١١١١١١١١١١١١١١١١٢٢٢٢٢٢٢٢٢٢٣٢٢٢٢٢٢٢٢٢٢٢٢٢٢٢٢٢٢٢٢٢٢٢٩٩٩٩٩٩٩٩٩٩٩٩٩٩٩٩٩٩٩٩٩٩٩٩٩٩٩٩٩٩٩٩٩٩٩٩٩٩٩٩٩٩٩٩٩٩٩٩٩٩٩٩٩٩٩٩٩٩٩٩٩٠٠٩٩٩٩٩٩٩٩٨٩٩٩٩ح٩٩٩٩ححكد٨خمظ٧هن ٦غععتتو٥غاةفلىغ٥غاةفلى٤قببر٣يؤ٢صسء١صشذاء٩جظتالهاهتاهتعكتهدتوننتخناوىتةرنىلةل ثبثلاتةرترترعورقسثب٩ك٨بهرل ل
Perekond Jakobson
Perekond Jakobson Жилийн өмнө
Woow that was amazing!!!!
Xezer Quluzade
Xezer Quluzade 10 сарын өмнө
Fireinc Жилийн өмнө
Funny how all of us wants to make a short which has something to do with squidgame. But when mr beast makes a recreation of squidgame he gets backlash
Immunity Gaming
Immunity Gaming 11 сарын өмнө
Hold on, spiderman appeared in squid game? Could you name the episode?
Humaira Muneer
Humaira Muneer Жилийн өмнө
שוש כהן
שוש כהן Жилийн өмнө
This Horror Show Shows Who We Are A student of mine told me about a new show called “Squid Game.” It is a South Korean “thriller series,” as they call it, which has become a pop culture phenomenon and is the no. 1 show in more than 90 countries. The show presents several hundred people who are all in great financial debt and in dire emotional states. The producers pit them against each other, even if they are very close, and make them hate each other. The winner takes millions of dollars, and the others are killed. This show wouldn’t be so horrifying if it didn’t portray our true nature. The very fact that we watch such a show enthusiastically is proof that underneath the “civilized” façade, our nature is as the show depicts. It works like a magnet. We love to watch the struggle between good and evil, as long as we are safe from the consequences of the battle. The thing is that in this show, there is no good; there is only evil. Indeed, humans are the worst being in reality. What makes us so uniquely evil is the fact that we explicitly want to harm others. We do not want to eat others because we will starve unless we do so; we want to see them suffer! We derive pleasure from others’ pain, and derive the most pleasure when we are the ones inflicting it. We often say that reality is like a jungle, where the strong eat the weak. However, in the jungle, the strong do not want to destroy the weak; they want to eat. Once they are full, they want to sleep and play, and not kill or hurt for fun. In the human jungle, we do not want to eat other people; we want to see them hurting! This is why the natural jungle thrives without any laws while the human jungle, which we mistakenly refer to as “civilization,” is disintegrating despite the laws that strive to limit our barbarity. If we had any hopes of finding goodness in human nature, “Squid Game,” and mainly its popularity, proves that we have nothing to hope for when it comes to human nature. If we can create such shows, and if they can be so popular, then we can do such horrors in real life. The only possible good that can come out of such a show is the realization that it is not fantasy, but an authentic depiction of who we are. Maybe if we realize this, we will be willing to do something about changing ourselves. The current trend is to dull our awareness of the human horror show we live in by making cannabis available and legal. Indeed, the more we learn about human nature, the more we realize that perhaps it is better to numb ourselves through life until it’s over. For now, we’re cheering at the sight of other people suffering, much like people used to cheer at the sight of poor men fighting against lions in ancient Rome. Only if we realize that it is not okay to be like that, our minds might open to other options. If such a diabolical program can be the no. 1 show in more than 90 countries, it means that the entire world is immersed in unhinged viciousness. There is a solution, but it is demanding and must encompass the entire world if it is to succeed. To change who we are, we must initiate a worldwide educational process where such programs are forbidden and pro-human-connection programs are produced and aired. Even if they are not popular, at first, we cannot allow ourselves to be exposed to the violent poison and culture of narcissism that we consume today. They may be sweet, but they are lethal. If people don’t want to watch shows about human connection, they can put aside their media devices and simply talk to one another. This will already be a major improvement to the current situation. It may not sound like fun, but what is the option? To live out the “Squid Game.” Besides, after some practice, we will discover that connection and care are far more rewarding and pleasant than destruction and cruelty, and do not carry the negative side effect that is our current culture..
Vioann Lepalim
Vioann Lepalim Жилийн өмнө
Beata Jędrzejak
Beata Jędrzejak 7 сарын өмнө
Txze Bared
Txze Bared Жилийн өмнө
Dayad Alfayed
Dayad Alfayed 4 сарын өмнө
milo 9 сарын өмнө
Mix of Fortnite Spiderman Squid game Floor is lava Parkour
نبع الحنان نبع الحنان
نبع الحنان نبع الحنان 8 сарын өмнө
مياصن يا تنسي مشاركتنا ن ن ت على هعصنصاصس ثتثاصعصاساةسسوسلسزسةسوستساسن سعساتسلسسواسوسىس ش عبد الرحمن محمد عبده اغنيه حبيبي يا رسول الله صلى الله عليه نتيايعستيتستستست على خير عنسشنعشنشتنس الله يحفظك يا ث الله يحفظك يا ث لا على التعيين في مصر بعد عفف فى صباح الخير يا عرب في مصر بعد عفف فى صباح الخير يا عرب الحلقه الاولى من نوعها في مصر بعد عفف فى صباح الخير يا عرب الحلقه الاولى من نوعها في العالم العربي والإسلامي الله يحفظك حبيبي غير الله يحفظك حبيبي الغالي ابو علي الذهب في مصر بعد عفف فى صباح الخير يا عرب الحلقه الاولى فففف الله يحفظك حبيبي الغالي ابو علي الذهب في مصر بعد عفف فى صباح هغ الله يحفظك حبيبي على خير عنسشنعشنشتنس سهصصمظتلاااتنع الله يحفظك حبيبي الغالي ابو علي الذهب غغغغغغغغغغ ع احمد يسلم صناصتصفص اي ضغط ضضشغش شغضغشفشغشلضغض صغفصعصفستسلستسىاساساساستلس ال ل
Lydia Graetz
Lydia Graetz Жилийн өмнө
Couldnt spiderman just... Like swing himself to the other side with his webs
Nour Khayat
Nour Khayat 10 сарын өмнө
Shelly Frank
Shelly Frank 8 сарын өмнө
At the Beginning he touched floor
Gopal Modani
Gopal Modani 4 сарын өмнө
Oh yeah
NEON BHAI 11 сарын өмнө
Spider man has web he can fly and he also can climb
Quoi Le
Quoi Le 11 сарын өмнө
Wow, the floor is lava, but soldiers walk so naturally🤨🤔🤔
maryam iaasin
maryam iaasin Жилийн өмнө
Its the shoes for me lol!
Horror Family
Horror Family 10 сарын өмнө
WowwW super 🛑🛑🛑🛑
Murari Priyanandan
Murari Priyanandan 9 сарын өмнө
The guard be like why are u runnin why are u runnin 😂
Ma Tsu
Ma Tsu 5 сарын өмнө
Minecraft what Schießlingen rotes
M9hamed Matar
M9hamed Matar 6 сарын өмнө
M9hamed Matar
M9hamed Matar 6 сарын өмнө
M9hamed Matar
M9hamed Matar 6 сарын өмнө
Hiba Mohammed
Hiba Mohammed 7 сарын өмнө
Kingsley Ooi
Kingsley Ooi Жилийн өмнө
Sweet 16
Sweet 16 Жилийн өмнө
Don’t you guys know that it is stupid to put Spider-Man and a squid game video because he’s literally a superhero.
Mhay Lozano
Mhay Lozano Жилийн өмнө
Imagine Tower of hell with raising lava TvT
Sahata Sihombing
Sahata Sihombing 4 сарын өмнө
Titin Kurniasih
Titin Kurniasih 11 сарын өмнө
XzoonyBoom 10 сарын өмнө
When spider man first tries to step on the thing when entering His other foot already touched the floor Either the guard is blind Or those masks suck ass
Екатерина Латышева
Екатерина Латышева 9 сарын өмнө
Ос того ся ж
lorena godoy
lorena godoy Жилийн өмнө
Cute life
Cute life 11 сарын өмнө
Sharmin Sweet
Sharmin Sweet 11 сарын өмнө
We need more
Norma Araceli Ramírez Zarate
Norma Araceli Ramírez Zarate Жилийн өмнө
Más bien no tiene que tocar el piso 😛😃
Ramanamma Kallepalli
Ramanamma Kallepalli Жилийн өмнө
He is the real spider man
rat 10 сарын өмнө
If the floor was lava why can the guard walk on it?
toiletdude57 10 сарын өмнө
the power of being inevitable
maria eliza eira
maria eliza eira 10 сарын өмнө
OI você quer ser minha amiga
twaysyi naung
twaysyi naung 11 сарын өмнө
nita dharne
nita dharne Жилийн өмнө
Adelya Ika Yuliana
Adelya Ika Yuliana 4 сарын өмнө
Amar Khoda
Amar Khoda 11 сарын өмнө
love you spider man
Miguel L Urvina
Miguel L Urvina Жилийн өмнө
Nice work dude you did amazing also you're a great day and also you have a good time❤️💜❤️💙❤️💙❤️💜❤️💜❤️💙❤️💙
Акбота Рахманова
Акбота Рахманова 11 сарын өмнө
Ana Luisa
Ana Luisa 11 сарын өмнө
Que bebês mais 🤩❤️🤩❤️
Ana Luisa
Ana Luisa 11 сарын өмнө
BAD_ViiBeZ-lll9lll 10 сарын өмнө
Ah yes, i vividly remember when spiderman was being watched by a guard with a fortnite nerf gun
llll 9 сарын өмнө
Asura 10 сарын өмнө
When marvel nerf spider man
VIA 10 сарын өмнө
Spider-Man with balenciagas Never seen before
E75W Жилийн өмнө
if the floor is lava, guess that means the guy has a fire res pot
Sapna Dhingra
Sapna Dhingra 6 сарын өмнө
SunnyIDIOT_ Жилийн өмнө
We are on our house and the kids are doing to help with the mee❤️💙🕷️
Sevak Exoyan
Sevak Exoyan Жилийн өмнө
@Николай Волков толосоощушалвлашоуосожсдп
Николай Волков
Николай Волков Жилийн өмнө
Николай Волков
Николай Волков Жилийн өмнө
Ропмбп ммсмиии
Qosi Qosi
Qosi Qosi Жилийн өмнө
some1stolemytoast3 10 сарын өмнө
Ok I get that squid games is a big thing now but like who would come up with Spider-Man jumping on poles with a guard in the background
X CONFUSION R&M 10 сарын өмнө
But how pink guard is walking on lava
Agnes Obosin
Agnes Obosin Жилийн өмнө
Wow!😍so cool 😎😍😍😍
Irene Navarro
Irene Navarro Жилийн өмнө
Mehmet Taha
Mehmet Taha 9 сарын өмнө
everyone says the video is good but no one asks why spiderman doesn't throw a web in the air and go easily
German Spidey
German Spidey 9 сарын өмнө
Катя из Заполярья
Катя из Заполярья Жилийн өмнө
Satyam Kumar 3B
Satyam Kumar 3B 10 сарын өмнө
We need more
llll 9 сарын өмнө
We need less
দ্বীন ও দুনিয়ার হিসাব
দ্বীন ও দুনিয়ার হিসাব 9 сарын өмнө
Vary naci❤❤❤
Həmzə Bəndalıyev
Həmzə Bəndalıyev 11 сарын өмнө
Çok güzel😍😍👍
Jeannelyn Nobleza
Jeannelyn Nobleza 10 сарын өмнө
VMC king
VMC king 9 сарын өмнө
last one nice
Narendra Saxena
Narendra Saxena 9 сарын өмнө
Spider-man + squid game + gymnastic. BIG LOL.....
Narendra Saxena
Narendra Saxena 9 сарын өмнө
Love videos. GERMAN SPIDEY ☻☻
Swapan Guin
Swapan Guin 9 сарын өмнө
Was gonna be ez for me
migdalia gonzalez
migdalia gonzalez Жилийн өмнө
Zakiah Jusoh
Zakiah Jusoh Жилийн өмнө
23 Noviembre 8pm
Misioneros Servidores de Cristo
Үзсэн тоо 300
Fate Deniers: The Pact | Valentina Animated Trailer | Mobile Legends:Bang Bang
Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Official
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A 30 second transition!! #shorts
Romina Gafur
Үзсэн тоо 37сая
Mi cosplay de Spider Gwen 🕷
Martina M
Үзсэн тоо 58мянга.
نواف يتحكم في لانا وماتقول لا !
Arhan Show
Үзсэн тоо 1,9мянга.
The Floor is Lava
Үзсэн тоо 148сая
Minecraft but I can Combine Elements
Үзсэн тоо 2сая
Video Clip Tiktok Vui Nhộn Và Hài Hước (#385) #shorts
Kênh Tổng Hợp Video Hài Hước
Үзсэн тоо 15сая
Survival Games In Real Life
Shiloh & Bros
Үзсэн тоо 5сая
Monster,Funny Kid and 5 Dollars😂👻❤️ #shorts
Үзсэн тоо 24сая
Spider-Man Transforms part 3 #shorts
FLAHO Junior
Үзсэн тоо 4,8сая
Eating Only ONE Color of Food for 100 Hours! (Black VS Pink)
Үзсэн тоо 269мянга.